Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Update

There is a newsletter coming to each parent of a young person on our Sunday School roll with information on April 2010 and a few extra dates. Be looking in your mailbox for this newsletter.

I request parent's email addresses. While I actually enjoy creating a decent little monthly newsletter and this will continue, there are times I wish I could send a quick email about details about the youth ministry and/or special events. Often things come up last minute that I need to get out to you (For example, we had to change our scheduled time for the last paintball outing we had...while it did work out and most everyone was able to hear the changed times, it would have been easier on my mind if I could have emailed parents quickly). SO, if you have an email, please email it to me at or (Sometimes the cvbchurch one sends message of your email being undeliverable, so perhaps the gmail one is best). Thanks ahead of time for your email address!

Some upcoming dates of special activities here:
April 23 -- We're off to the ballfield to see the Lookouts. Yes, the whole family is welcome to meet us there. Have the youth meet at the church at 6:00 PM and make sure they have at least $10 bucks (Tickets are cheap and this leaves some room for snacks, etc). We'll be back to the church parking lot as soon as the game is over (We'll call by cell phone as we are leaving the park to head to our vehicles to give you a heads-up as to when we'll be back).
May 15 - Chattanooga Ducks and Mellow Mushroom. Again, yes, the entire family is welcome! I've never participated at the Ducks before so I figured this would be a good chance to do it. We'll meet at the church at 2:30 and head downtown to the Ducks first ($20 bucks). After the Ducks, we'll walk over to the Mellow Mushroom on Broad Street to enjoy some pizza together (Yes, they'll need money to buy their food here too).
May 16 - Graduating Senior Recognition Day at AM morning worship service.
June 5 - Chattanooga Zoo and Lunch - I am trying to find simple and affordable activities and the Zoo is perfect. Costs are $6.00 (Kids 3-15 pay only $4.00 I think). Afterwards, we'll eat somewhere fast food. Again, the family is welcome!
June 21-26 - Summer Youth Camp. Our intent was another joint effort of area churches as last year, but location issues held this at bay and therefore I am working hard at locating an alternative camp location. For sure, this date will be the week of the camp. This has been the set date for over a year and I do not intend to change the dates at this late time. Parents, aside from Summit, which occurs in January, the summer camp &/or mission trip are vital to your child's faith development. I promise it is extremely important. You can guarantee that the weeks around June 20 - 26 will always be our camp time. This way you'll be able to schedule all the rest of your family vacations around this week.
Saturday Night Live - Every other Saturday night of the summer through mid-August(minus the nights I'll be on family vacation in July) we will open the gym and Youth Ministry Center for games, food (if people bring some to share!), movie nights, battleball games, etc. All of it is for the entire family...the times will be 8:00 - 10:30 PM. Spread the word and join us...the whole family is invited!
Finally, we are planning on a special family event to occur in the Fall...we haven't given it a name or a date yet, but it is generally a weekend revival with the family in mind (specifically youth, parents and siblings). We are working on a plan to include a fantastic, motivational, inspirational Christian speaker/preacher who specializes in family ministry as well as including a worship leader who is gifted at leading youth and their families to true worship. It should be a weekend to remember and a major goal is a special way to impact the families of young people in the areas surrounding our church. If you would like to join the special LEAD TEAM to help plan, promote, and prepare for this weekend revival, please call me (Tommy).

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God bless you all!

Bro. Tommy