Sunday, July 19, 2009

Summer Review

Its funny to title this blog as the summer review, especially since there are still a couple weeks until school begins again. But, from the perspective of the youth ministry, we are officially in "coast" mode until August.

Youth Camp was more than expected. We knew it was going to be good, but we were happy to see it go so well. The first time of a new camp usually is filled with issues needing adjustment, but this year was wonderful. I am especially indebted to the amazing youth chaperones, Camp Pastor Sean Nix and Camp Worship Band, the Jason Lovins Band. What a great week! In fact, it went so well that we have set a date for FUSION CAMP 2010 - June 21-25. We still have a website dedicated to youth camp where you can review camp photos and videos at Please visit the site to see the great things the Lord has done at camp.

MissionLab was PHENOMENAL! Yes, I intended to type that word in all caps because God moved in and through our team in incredible ways. I told Tim and Ingrid Sarrell after worship today that I wish I had kept a journal to record all the things the Lord had done that week. God did so many amazing things and provided in so many ways, it is difficult to recount them all today. Suffice it to say that our prayer request that we leave as a youth team and return as a group of missionaries was indeed answered by the Lord. Added to the amazing things done by the Lord, we had the amazing chance to lead 21 children to salvation in Jesus Christ during the week. Just amazing!

Now, we move out of summer ministry and into a fully loaded fall calendar. Sixth graders move into the youth ministry and 12th graders move out of the youth ministry on August 1. It is always a bittersweet time to me because I am excited to see new kids in the group, but hate losing the incredible 12th graders we've known and worked with for the past 6 years. They will be sorely missed!

Speaking of 6th graders moving into the youth ministry, I am offering a rising 6th grade orientation meeting on Sunday, July 26 at 5:00 PM in the Youth Ministry Center. This includes parents of any age who have young people in the youth ministry who have yet to learn of the youth ministries purposes and direction. Any parent is welcome...including parents of youth who have been a part of our group for any amount of time.

Please know I love you and am praying for you regularly!

Bro. Tommy

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