Thursday, June 17, 2010

"A Guy's Guide To Life" by Jason Boyett

The subtitle of the book reveals its intent, "How to become a man in 224 pages or less". But the reveal on the back cover indicates one may not become a man simply by reading 224 or less pages -- or even after reading 224,000 pages on the subject. Boyett admits the journey to manhood takes more than the reading of a paperback book and the true process is a life journey.
The book is a Christian young man's handbook for life including subjects from simple ideas as "How to shave" to more complex issues as "How to talk to girls without embarrassing yourself". The book includes real answers for real guys trying to figure out how to live in the real world. The journey to manhood may be perilous, but these 224 pages will help Christian young men guide through it.
My Reaction
As a full time youth pastor, the reviewer often seeks resources that are relevant to life. Often times books become too involved in intellectually involving the reader while missing out on connecting with readers where they are in life. Boyett, however, keeps the attention of the reader using humurous statements that will keep a young person interested and intent to turn the page for more. The reviewer was overall impressed with the book and will be recommending it to high school young men (9-12 grades). The book was interesting to read and the author's humorous writing style kept the reviewer interested and focused on the material. And the book goes one step further in communicating biblical truth. Boyett refers to specific scripture and biblical principles of life. A major plus for the reviewer is Boyett's direction to the reader to discuss life issues with their parents. Often parents are left out of the equation but Boyett often implores the reader to the wisdom and guidance parents offer young men in their maturity through life.
This reviewer defintely recommends the book to parents, youth pastors, and young men interested in growing into maturity as men.
Special Note: Thomas Nelson has provided the reviewer with a complimentary copy of the book for this review. For more information, please visit Thank you!

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